10 Lifestyle Tips for Cancer Prevention

10 Lifestyle Tips for Cancer Prevention

Cancer is the one of the disease or health injection that become common in the world and suffer billions of people. As we know there is numerous type of cancers, which is affects different parts of our body. There are lots of advanced technological treatment available to cure the cancer, but nothing can assure 100% rid of this disease. there are some peoples, they successfully recover but they also have some other health problem.

We know that prevention is better than cure, so preventing the growth of cancer cells in our body is better.But how to prevent the disease, there is lots of method including prescribed and un-prescribed. Our lifestyle have important role in our health especially the chances of cancer. If we make some changes in our lifestyle like some habits, diet and exercise it it the best method to prevent cancer. Some people have cancer because of their genetics, we can’t control or change that, but the proper lifestyle changes may reduce the chances.

These are some tips to prevent cancer and be healthy;

Avoid tobacco

Try to avoid tobacco in all its forms, including exposure to secondhand smoke.You don’t have to be a genius to understand how you can try to protect yourself and your family. It is the best way to prevent cancer, because smoking affect our over all health.

Stay lean

Obesity increases the risk of many forms of cancer. Calories count; if you need to slim down, take in fewer calories and burn more with exercise.

Don’t just look at the scale, check your waist measurement as a crude measurement of your abdominal fat. The men’s waists be no larger than 37 inches and women’s waists be 31.5 inches or less.

Be physically active

Physical activity has been linked to a reduced risk of colon cancer. You can break that into 10- to 15-minute blocks, and even more activity may be better. Exercise will help protect you even if you don’t lose weight.

Avoid unhealthy foods

It’s not that those foods directly cause cancer, but they could blow your calorie budget if you often overindulge.Try to include more fruits and veggies and whole grains.

Eat properly

Go for a variety of colors like deep greens of spinach, deep blues of blueberries, whites of onions and garlic, and so on. All foods have their on positive and negative points. When you choose the foods should include in your diet. If you consult your nutritionist he or she will help to plan a perfect diet chart.

Limit alcoholic drinks

Watch your portion size, drinks are often poured liberally. Excess alcohol increases the risk of cancers of the mouth, larynx, esophagus, liver, and colon; it also increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer. Smoking further increases the risk of many alcohol-induced malignancies.

Limit red meats

Limit red meats to 18 ounces per week, studies suggests using chicken, seafood, or legumes in place of red meat, it doesn’t mean that never eat red meat, just do so in moderation. Our body need all nutrients, including the proteins in meat.

Limit salty foods

The use of salt never go over 2,400 milligrams per day, and use herbs and spices instead. Processed foods account for most sodium intake nowadays, not salt you add when cooking or eating.

Quality sleep

Admittedly, the evidence linking sleep to cancer is not strong. But poor and insufficient sleep increases is associated with weight gain, which is a cancer risk factor.

Avoid exposure to radiation

Get medical imaging studies only when you need them. Check your home for residential radon, which increases the risk of lung cancer. Protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, which increases the risk of melanomas and other skin cancers. 

These are some tips to avoid cancer chances, it is not completely prevent the cancer but it is true that it prove to reduce the chances.

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